How Our Process Works

At Mold Monkey, our philosophy is simple: To provide affordable, non-invasive, and eco-friendly mold remediation for regional homeowners and businesses. Because proper mold inspection is the key to successful mold and odor removal, we rely on a multifaceted approach designed to eliminate the source of your problem—not just the symptoms.

Wondering exactly how we work? Below, learn more about how our environmentally friendly mold remediation process makes homes and offices safer.

Residential Mold Testing and Inspection

From Franklin County to Know County – Mold Monkey employs a straightforward mold mitigation process:

1. Perform your FREE Mold & Moisture Assessment. One of our certified mold technicians will complete a complementary visual assessment of your home. This mold inspection is non-destructive, allowing us to estimate the extent and source of mold contamination.

2. Form initial recommendations. Based on your in-home mold inspection, our technician will either recommend immediate treatment or further evaluation. To ensure that mold remediation is both necessary and effective, we usually recommend more extensive paid testing to measure indoor and outdoor contamination and identify mold species. All testing is done by an independent, third-party lab.

3. Make a mold remediation strategy. After test analysis, we’ll formulate a personalized Mold Remediation Proposal for your home, including a written quote. Our technician will discuss your situation and explain our remediation strategy. If you choose Mold Monkey, we’ll deduct the cost of previous testing from our price.

4. Eliminate your mold and odors! Lastly, we’ll use our EPA-registered, plant-based mold remediation products to rid your home of harmful mold, microbes, and odors. Our expert technicians can complete your mold and odor removal in a matter of hours.

After this process, we recommend third-party Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) to ensure that your mold is completely gone. We also offer a one-year warranty to give you peace of mind that your mold and odors are a thing of the past.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Call to schedule one of our certified Mold & Indoor Air Quality Inspectors to test your home or building for mold-related conditions and allergens.