Commercial Mold Removal in Columbus Ohio

From creeping behind your HVAC ducts to lurking behind your drywall, mold is not only difficult to get at but can cause a whole range of issues in your commercial building. From allergens in the air to an unsightly spread of ugly spores, Mold Monkey is your source for eco-friendly, non-toxic mold removal services. Our one-of-a-kind product makes it easy to address the mold issue in your building without the need for cost and destructive methods of traditional remediation. Our commercial mold removal in Columbus Ohio is non-invasive and cost-effective.

Save Up To 2/3 the Time and Cost for Mold Services!

Our no-hassle mold removal services for businesses in Columbus Ohio begin with a Commercial Mold Audit, a comprehensive site evaluation of your needs. We’ll then apply our fine misting spray that can penetrate deep into walls to eliminate mold without the use of synthetic chemicals. Our product is made of a specially formulated blend of natural active ingredients that seek out and destroy mold and mold spores. We’re so confident in our services that we even offer a 120-day re-application guarantee.

Our Columbus Ohio residential mold solutions include but are not limited to:

From a mold stain remover that scrubs away visible mold to our spray that attacks airborne spores, you can depend on Mold Monkey to be your comprehensive solution to commercial mold removal in the area. All of our products and practices are EPA and InterNACHI approved, giving you confidence in our safe, effective, and affordable mold solutions. To get started on your commercial mold removal in Franklin County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, or the surrounding areas, call us or fill out our online form today.

Why use a Mold Monkey All-Natural Mold Solution

Most typical mold control treatments use chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and chlorine—the exact kind of stuff you don’t want in your home. See how our green alternative can be as effective and more.

STABILITY Chemicals such as bleach and peroxide are highly reactive and lose effectiveness within hours. Our enzymes are non-reactive and stable, providing you with effectiveness that can remain for months, and even years.
SPECIFICITY Chemicals are non-specific; their effects are not limited to mold. Anything in contact with these chemicals may be harmed. We use enzymes that are developed specifically to interact with mold, and are harmless to other substances.
PROCESS Chemicals are consumed as they react. When used up, their effectiveness is over. Mold may remain; no further cleaning will take place. Enzymes work catalytically, meaning that they enable reactions, but are not consumed in the process. Enzymes remain active and retain their effectiveness.
TOXICITY Chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and chlorine often have active ingredients that pose a degree of health risk. Enzymes are organic and totally safe. Everything our mold service uses is “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA / USDA.
PENETRATION Chemicals, because they are consumed as they work, are not well-suited to penetrate and reach subsurface contamination. Enzyme formulations can be tailored for maximum penetration. This delivers active ingredients deeper into affected areas.

Commercial Mold & Moisture Assessment

Call to schedule one of our mold inspectors for a FREE Mold & Moisture Assessment of your building.