A Safe, Affordable and Effective Mold Removal Process

If Mold Removal is necessary, our EPA-approved ultra-fine mist is designed to eradicate mold at the source. 120-day re-application guarantee.


Residential Services

Our professionals use innovative EPA-registered product to provide families with less invasive mold and odor removal. Not only does our process and application take less time, but we can dramatically reduce your costs and the hassles of traditional remediation.


Commercial Services

The health of your residents or employees is paramount to your success. For minimal downtime but maximum effectiveness, consider our odor and mold removal services. Not only are our products incredibly cost-efficient, but they work—meaning your property managers and business can enjoy less disruption from a potentially big problem.


Testing Services

Each consultation with one of our mold or odor removal experts comes with a complete mold & moisture assessment. We’ll send one of our certified professionals to your home or building to thoroughly inspect the premises and test for any signs of mold or related moisture concerns.


Why Choose Mold Monkey

Mold Monkey has an EPA registered mold-killing solution that is guaranteed to work and is safe when used as directed.


For eco-friendly mold and odor removal that puts the safety of you, your household, and your employees as a top priority, look no further than Mold Monkey. Our professionals only use products with natural active ingredients that attest to our commitment to the environment.


While many “green” companies take advantage of the all-natural trend to hike up prices, Mold Monkey operates with honest and integrity. Not only can most of our mold and odor control services be completed in just one day, but they can also solve your issues with minimal cost. No matter your budget, we can find a treatment that works for you.


We’re confident that you’ll immediately see the difference with our natural solutions for residential and commercial mold and odor removal. We’ll even show you the transformation by performing a pre-test and a post-test for mold. If you’re not satisfied, just ask about our warranty!

Responsible Solutions For Your Home & Business

From unpleasant odors and allergies to insect pests and mold, whatever unsightly and unhealthy invaders you have in or around your home, rely on Mold Monkey to remove them!

At Mold Monkey, we provide all clients with a FREE Healthy Building or Healthy Home Audit! This means that one of our experienced Mold Monkey technicians will come to you to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your premises. This brief, but detailed survey will take measurements, readings, and data to assess all your building’s mold, pest, and allergen issues at absolutely no cost to you!

Mold Monkey© is proud to bring products and services that protect families and pets from insects and air quality threats, allowing them to feel better and enjoy life. We find solutions to life’s issues that are made in the United States.

We’re here to help. Mold Monkey has an EPA registered mold-killings solution that is guaranteed to work and is safe when used as directed.


Free Onsite Healthy Home/Building Audit

Let our highly trained specialist come to your home and perform a FREE onsite inspection and audit. Complete report within 36 Hours.

Request Your Mold Audit

We offer fast, easy, and effective mold removal services.


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