Residential Real Estate Agents in Columbus Ohio

Nothing can break down a real estate deal faster than the discovery of mold and odor within the property. Save the deal and protect your pocketbook by having Mold Monkey provide you with the highest quality mold and odor solutions for real estate agents!

Proudly serving the Franklin County, Delaware County, and Fairfield regions, Mold Monkey is the expert in helping real estate agents in need of mold and odor services with challenging property issues. Unpleasant odors not only make it difficult to sell a home to prospective buyers, it also can affect the ability of the seller to even get their property listed with a quality agent! The cutting-edge, active natural technology used by Mold Monkey can virtually eliminate any household odor without causing damage to the property.

There are countless reasons to choose the professionals at Mold Monkey for your mold and odor services, and we offer several premier benefits that include:

  • Naturally derived, highly effective products
  • No-obligation building audit
  • EPA and InterNACHI approved practices
  • Eco-friendly products for your health and the environment
  • 1-year reapplication guarantee!

If you are a real estate agent in need of mold and odor services, we’ve got you covered. Help your clients close the deal and secure your paycheck by having Mold Monkey knock out the mold and odor that is preventing a healthy, pleasant environment. To schedule your Healthy Building Audit, give us a call or simply fill out our online form today!

Residential Mold & Moisture Assessment

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