Residential Mold and Odor Removal Services in Columbus Ohio

With Safe, Affordable, and Effective mold removal products, Mold Monkey is the best bet for Columbus Ohio residential mold and odor removal

Whether you’re trying to create a safe space for your family or you’re about to move, you can trust Mold Monkey for natural residential mold and odor solutions. Mold has been proven to contribute to asthma and allergies, with some types being potentially deadly. Not only do our experts offer easy, non-toxic, pet-friendly mold removal solutions, but we also provide eco-friendly odor removal services as well. With most treatments complete in just one day, your home will be fresh and healthy in minimal time.

Columbus Ohio Residential Mold and Odor Solutions

For a green alternative to harsh, synthetic chemical treatments, our solutions for household mold and odor removal in Columbus Ohio can’t be beat. Our eco-friendly product is registered with the EPA and our mold and moisture intrusion inspection services are approved by the International Association of Certified Home Inspection (InterNACHI). If you’re looking for mold and odor solutions that use natural active ingredients, look no further:

  • Residential Mold Removal – Our mold removal product is able to penetrate walls for a non-invasive solution to your mold issues.
  • Residential Odor Removal – Many other odor-control services simply mask smells, but our special formula bonds to odor molecules and removes them completely!

If you’re living uncomfortably in your own home, consider the environmentally-friendly services from Mold Monkey. Give our experts a call today to schedule your residential mold audit with an experienced professional! You can also fill out our online quote form for your consultation.

Residential Mold & Moisture Assessment

Call to schedule one of our mold inspectors for a FREE Mold & Moisture Assessment of your home.