Areas Served

The Mold Monkey currently services Ohio, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and Southern California. The Mold Monkey is committed to providing you the safe and clean environment you deserve!

For an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic chemical treatments for mold and odor in Columbus Ohio, choose Mold Monkey. We offer cutting-edge, EPA-registered products and services that are specifically designed to attack mold spores and odor molecules. Our environmentally-conscious services are not only safe and affordable, but effective. This means that you’ll start seeing and feeling the difference in as little time as possible.

Natural Home and Business Solutions

When you get in touch with one of our mold or odor removal experts, you’ll receive a free, in-home or in-office consultation. We’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your space to perform an audit, where he or she will take moisture readings, measure air quality, and much more. Not only will you receive a comprehensive report of findings at the end, but you’ll receive a competitively priced quote of the eco-friendly services we offer that can solve your mold and odor issues.

We proudly provide comprehensive mold and odor removal services in these areas and more:

With non-invasive residential and commercial mold and odor solutions, demolition and destructive remediation are a thing of the past. The Mold Monkey is your premier source for safe, effective, affordable, and pet-friendly mold and odor removal services.

To get started with your consultation and get your air quality report, feel free to call us or fill out our online form today!

Mold & Moisture Assessment!

Call to schedule one of our mold inspectors for a FREE Mold & Moisture Assessment of your building.