Fire and Smoke Odor Removal in Columbus Ohio

Fire smoke or cigarette smoke can be among some of the most stubborn smells in the home. If you’re looking for a safe, eco-friendly alternative to chemical treatments, look no further than Mold Monkey.

Our experts are capable of household fire and smoke removal that is affordable, safe, and effective. We use a non-toxic and EPA-registered product that is made of a blend of natural active ingredients that seek out and destroy odor causing molecules. Able to absorb deep into walls and other porous surfaces, we are able to eliminate smoke odors at the source.

Columbus Ohio Fire Smoke Odor Removal

When you reach out to one of our client care specialists, you’ll schedule your very own Health Home Audit with one of our fire smoke odor removal professionals. We’ll come to your home to test and analyze the premises to create a household fire and smoke removal plan that works on your budget. Prolonged exposure to these heavy smells can potentially cause allergies and other health issues down the line. To truly invest in the air quality of your home, consider our InterNACHI approved fire and smoke odor removal in Columbus Ohio.

A clean, smoke-free home is a sign of a healthy home. With the help of Mold Monkey, you and your household can be enjoying an odorless abode where the quality of your air is better than ever. We proudly serve Franklin County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, and more.

Are you ready to get started with our smoke odor services? Call our household fire and smoke removal experts to schedule your free, Residential Mold Audit with a client care specialist or fill out our quote form today.

Residential Mold & Moisture Assessment

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